10 Purely Organic DIY Remedies To Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatica is agonizing pain caused by sciatic nerve obstructions. It is an extremely discomforting, weak and tingling sensation in the lower extremities, both while standing up and sitting down.

10 Best Natural Sciatica Treatments:


Curcumin, its active element has the power to soothe the pain and also relieve inflammation. Simply, heat up a glass of milk and add a tsp of turmeric.


It successfully relaxes the muscle tissue and gets rid of the pain. It also accelerates the recovery of the muscles.

Massage Therapy

This specific therapy is most suitable for pain caused by muscle spasms. It prevents potential straining, boosts flexibility and blood flow.

Hot And Cold Compression

This method of applying hot towels, stones or and frozen items can provide unbelievable relief in this case due to the fact that the cold numbs the area and the pain, eliminating the swelling surrounding the sciatic nerve and the heat relaxes the muscle tissue.

Capsaicin Cream

The cream has the ability to alleviate the discomfort because it gets rid of the substance P quantities. Prepare a cream, containing 0.075% capsaicin and apply it topically, 4 times per day.

Fenugreek Seeds

Get some fenugreek seeds, squash them and add them to a glass of milk. Pour this mixture in a pot and boil it until it softens up. Once it cools off, spread it on the affected areas and leave it stay for a couple of minutes. Do this every day.

White Willow

White willow has extraordinary analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to the sennosides. Take 120 mg of white willow dietary supplement.

Valerian Root

It is filled with incredible oils which help the strain and relieve the tension in the muscles. The recommended intake is 150 milligrams 3 times a day for 3 consecutive weeks. Simply add a tsp of this root in some hot water and leave it for 10 mins.


Begin lying down, with your legs stretched and spread apart.  Move the legs up-breathing in and legs down-breathing out. Leave them in both positions for 20 seconds. Then, do it with one leg for 5 minutes and five more with the other.

Spinal Adjustment

Quick and abrupt thrusts in the chiropractic spinal will soothe the pain and inflammation of the nerve organs.

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