14 Signs That Point Out To Overly Increased Blood Sugar Levels

It is of high importance that you monitor the levels of glucose in your blood, as well as noticing and recognizing the symptoms of an increased blood sugar. It is quite easy to spot them, however what’s crucial is that it is treated immediately since it can negatively affect your health.

These are the causes of high blood sugar levels:

Lack of physical activity;
Colds and flues;
Extreme consuming;
Excessive steroid usage.
These are the most frequent pointers showing your glucose levels are increased:

Frequent urination, especially during the night;
Impaired vision;
Dry mouth;
Insatiable thirst;
Lack of focusing;
Slow recovery of cuts and injuries;
Recurring infections;
Digestion problems;
Increased cravings;
Nerve issues;
Dry and flaky skin;
Excess abdominal fat and weight gain.
For the purpose of keeping your blood sugar levels in balance, it’s quite essential that you carefully choose what food to consume.  The scale which shows the variety of carbs in foods which might increase your blood glucose levels is referred to as the Glycemic index.

You are allowed to consume the following meals and products moderately since they have a low Glycemic index:

1 egg: 6.

1 carrot: 47.
1 orange: 48.
1 grapefruit: 50.
1 banana: 52.
A cup of broccoli: 10
A cup of hummus:6.
A cup of nuts: 15.
A cup of cashew nuts: 22.
A cup of cherries:22.
A cup of yogurt: 23.
Medium-sized onion: 10.
Medium-sized apple: 38.
1 Turkey sausage: 28.
A cup of spaghetti: 42.
A cup of green grapes: 46.
A cup of peas: 54.
220 gr. of tomato juice: 38.
220 gr. of pineapple juice: 46.
These Meals Have A Glycemic Index 55-69:

A tablespoon of honey: 55.
A cup of oatmeal: 55.
A cup of white rice: 64.

A cup of brown rice: 55.
1 serving of mac ‘n’ cheese: 64.
These Meals Have A High Glycemic Index You Must Avoid:

1 doughnut: 76.
Medium-sized baked potato: 85.
1 portion of corn flakes: 92.
50 gr. of glucose: 100.
2 cups of popcorn: 70.
Rice cake: 76.
A slice of white bread: 70.
By sticking to these rules, you will be able to significantly improve your health-state.