6 Loud and Clear Signs That Your Toxic Liver Is Making You Gain Weight

The organ in charge of getting rid of all the waste and toxins is the liver. You can imagine its importance for our general well-being. To preserve your liver and maintain its good shape, leading a healthy way of life is a must.

If the liver gets overwhelmed by the amount of toxins in your body, it will cause it to start storing fat in most abdominal areas.  Have you ever come across the term fatty liver disease?

If you truly have extra fat in your liver and more than the normal amount, you are experiencing the fatty liver disease.

There are two types of this disease:

  1. Alcoholic- caused by an excessive alcohol consumption
  2. Non-alcoholic- predisposed by genetics or due to increased cholesterol levels

If the liver requires to be cleansed, it will show symptoms such as these:


If the liver happens to be in a ill shape, the production of histamine will be prompted, thus resulting in headaches, itches, etc.

Chronic exhaustion

The toxins are the reason for this sensation of constant exhaustion and pain in the muscles which can cause depression or sudden mood changes.

Abrupt weight gain

If this organ does not get rid of the unfiltered toxins and fat they will end up accumulated within the body.

Excess sweat

If the liver slows down or its function is disrupted, it’ll do less work. That will result in an increased body temperature.

Bad breath

If you’re suffering from a bad breath although you regularly brush your teeth, it’s quite possible you have liver issues.

Acne appearance

In a chain of reactions, when the liver fails it can cause a hormonal imbalance consequentially causing acnes.

Liver Recovery Recipe

Prepare yourself a nutritious and delicious banana smoothie. Combine the banana with the ginger root, a spoonful of dandelion root, two regular spoons of peanut butter and some Greek yogurt.

Consume this beverage twice a day. Take pleasure in the rebirthing outcome.