Beet Kvass – The 3 Ingredient Tonic That Will Save Your Liver And Kidneys

Have you ever heard of the term beet kvass? In case you have never heard of it, beet kvass is the name of a potent medicinal elixir with a special flavor and a lengthy list of health advantages.

The fact that this drink is made partially out of beetroots says enough about the exceptional benefits we can expect from it. Beets are usually included in most do it yourself- natural remedies.

The reason for their frequent inclusion is the wide specter of abilities such as improving the digestion and support the liver and kidney cleanse which is vital for our general health.

If some of you don’t already realize the importance of a detox, you should try to imagine how your body would function without a proper and occasional cleanse from the toxic materials in your organism.

The Perks of Beet Kvass

You can prepare beet kvass by means of fermentation. Throughout this procedure, the beetroot gets transformed into kvass.

The fermentation procedure improves the health of the gut, stimulates the nutritional profile and maximizes the nutrients’ bioavailability from the food that enters the organism.

By consuming the prepared beet juice two times a day, you will thoroughly detox your liver, boost your digestive tract, alkalize the blood, and remove kidney stones.

Continue to read to discover how to make this incredible juice.

The Beet Kvass Recipe

Don’t be fooled by the description, this recipe is actually quite easy and simple to make. Just go by  the instructions carefully!


Glass jar

Purified water

4 beetroots

Himalayan salt 1 tbsp

Orange, ginger, lemon, spices (only if you wish to enhance the flavor)


Rinse the beets, chop them and place them inside the jar. Then, add the purified water and make certain to leave an inch of space at the top. Include all of the spices.

Cover the jar with a little cloth and tie it with a rubber band. Leave it sit for a few days, at room temperature.

When color of the beet kvass changes into a dark red, is when you know that it is ready. After you use it make sure you keep it refrigerated. This amazing tonic contains possibly the best probiotic properties.  Among its powers are also balancing the pH levels, purifying the blood, soothing inflammation and preventing cancer.