Check Out These 10 Ways Of Using Leftover Lemon Peels

A great deal of people tend to start off their day with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Which, apart from waking up the digestive system, it also increases your energy levels.

Nevertheless, the majority, if not all of us, simply throw away the peels without being aware of the benefits and how it can be used. They are filled with vitamins, minerals, and fiber and give you a full nutri boost.

So, stop throwing those peels away! At this very moment, you are about to discover all of the magnificent uses and benefits of lemon peels.

10 Uses of Lemon Peels

  1. Lemon Olive Oil

Zest 3 cups of lemon peel and put them in a cup filled with olive oil for the purpose of providing your olive oil with a refreshing lemony taste.

Leave it sit for 2 weeks and then strain the mixture. Eliminate the parts of the peel and your lemon olive oil is good to go!

  1. Lemon Ice Cubes

Add lemon peel strips to the water in your ice cube trays and freeze them. You can use lemon zest as well. You know now that your drinks will never taste the same.

  1. Remove Trash Can Odor

To take in the nasty odor and provide you with a fresh smell, place some lemon peels at the bottom of your trash bag, to minimize the smell.

  1. Clean Microwaves

If you wish to clean your microwave from the inside add a few lemon peels in a microwave-safe container filled with water. Heat on high temperature for 5 minutes. Use a towel to wipe down the microwave walls. Your microwave will get a complete makeover!

  1. Ant Repellent

Put some lemon peels in places where you think ants may enter inside your house. Lemons have a certain smell that will stop them from getting in.

  1. Brighten the Skin

If you want your face to brighten up and get smoother, prepare a scrub using lemon infused oil, Epsom salt, and a couple of lemon peels.

  1. Vitamin C Powder

This vitamin C powder can be used in smoothies or plain water. It will boost your vitamin C levels. You should chop up a couple of lemon peels into square pieces.

Let them dry on a cloth for a few days. Then, use a coffee grinder to give them a powder-like texture.

  1. Keep Your Brown Sugar Soft

If lemon peel is added to your sugar jar, it will keep your sugar soft.

  1. Freshen Your Dishwasher

Use a few lemon peels to rinse and remove the odor of your dishwasher.

  1. Freshen Your Fridge

Put a few lemon peels in all of your fridge compartments. This will disguise the bad odor and give it a refreshing, new scent.

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