This Is Why You Should Drink Water Upon Waking On An Empty Stomach

It is an old Japanese habit popular for its various medicinal benefits, confirmed in multiple studies. By doing this you will be able to cure a great deal of health issues. The majority of conditions can be treated by just consuming water before eating, for example: asthma, throwing up, gastritis, piles, uterus diseases, menstrual pain and abnormalities, throat and nasal problems, kidney ailments, epilepsy, migraines, diabetes, blood cholesterol, increased heart rate, cardiac problems and more.

The water treatment

  • Upon waking, consume 60 ml of water, four times per day
  • You can wash your teeth, however eating and drinking are forbidden for the following 45 minutes
  • When the time passes, you are allowed to eat and drink whatever you choose
  • Post-breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you are to take breaks for the following 2 hours
  • If you are unable to drink 4 glass of water once you wake up, start off slowly by drinking less and increasing the amount until you get the required 640 ml of water
  • This technique is also extremely favorable for healthy people since it will give you the optimal energy for the day
  • If you experience issues with increased blood pressure, the treatment must to last one month
  • If you experience other medical issues, the treatment ought to last 10 days
  • If you suffer from diabetes, the treatment ought to last a month
  • If you experience constipation, you require 10 consecutive days of treatment
  • If you suffer from TB, then you need 3 months of treatment It is quite advantageous to enforce this treatment into your life as it is truly beneficial for the overall health.

WARNING: Individuals who experience arthritis, are recommended to do the treatment a couple of days throughout the initial week, afterwards take a break for 7 days and then begin once again with regular practice.