Get Rid Of Leg Cramps During Sleep

Numerous individuals experience night-time leg cramping. They represent and unconscious muscle contractions of the calf, upper leg, and feet. They might be extremely discomforting and are different than the restless lower leg condition. RLS causes no pain and it enables you to move your hip and legs during the night-time leg cramping but paralyzes your lower leg.

A number of studies have been conducted concerning thr night-time leg cramping, and there are significantly more issues that trigger them such as potassium, calcium mineral, iodine and magnesium deficiencies, pregnancy etc.

Here are a couple of suggestions that can help you relieve these kinds of spasms or get rid of them for good:


You should be as active as you can, avoid too much sitting or lying. Try to move and do exercises in order to soothe the muscles and prevent contraction.

Doing Stretches

On the off chance that you get woken up by a spasm, try pulling the muscle tissue to relax them.

Stay Hydrated

Consume a lot of water and stay hydrated to relieve the muscle tension.

Acupuncture or Massage

Deep back rubs and acutherapy will relax your muscles which is what you need to stop the cramping.

Increase Magnesium Intake

Magnesium is a vital mineral for the proper operation of the muscle tissue, thus you have to increase its dosage to keep the cramps away.

Plums, dry fruit, avocados, seed products and nut items are packed with magnesium which means that you should work on increasing the intake of these products considerably. Also. you can prepare a magnesium oil and perform massages with it on the muscles before going to sleep. Boil some water, a half of mug full should be enough and add half a cup of magnesium flakes. Leave it until it cools down and then store it in a spray container.

Baths With Epsom Sodium

These kinds of baths will easily relax the muscle tension, and they will allow you to stop the night-time leg cramps from happening. In the event that you wake up in the dead of night having a spasm, try rubbing the tissue to improve the blood flow.


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