Interpreting Your Face, Signs That Indicate Kidney, Hormone And Liver Issues

Clean skin is true reflection of your overall health, meaning that yours is in an amazing shape. Skin problems; on the other hand indicate health problems.

Face Mapping is a way of interpreting the changes that occur to your skin.

Area, Reason and Treatment

Area: Forehead

Correlation: Liver, gallbladder

Explanation: The forehead is connected to the digestive and the nervous system. This might be caused by a slow metabolism and increased stress levels.

Treatment: Avoid sugar, fast and processed foods. As for physical activities, try meditation, music, exercise and yoga.

Area: Between your eyebrows (more on the left)

Correlation: Spleen

Explanation: Potential shrouded spleen feelings.

Treatment: Give the following activities a try: yoga, reiki, guided meditation, counseling, and breathing work.

Area: Between your eyebrows (more on the right)

Correlation: Liver

Explanation: Skin issues or wrinkles indicate suppressed anger built-up within the liver.

Treatment: Give the following activities a try: yoga, reiki, counseling or writing a diary. Keep in mind to avoid fatty foods abundant and alcohol.

Area: Eyes

Correlation: Intestines, Joints, Thyroid gland

Explanation: A stained iris is a velar sign of improper absorption in the intestines. White iris shades point to joint degeneration and a small iris signifies joint problems. A bright circle around the iris is a result of excessive sugar and salt intake.

Treatment: Consume anti-inflammatory products like organic bone broth, linseeds/flaxseeds, oily fish, walnuts, turmeric and ginger. Avoid coffee, fast food, as well as processed salt and sugar.

Area: Beneath the eyes

Correlation: Kidney

Explanation: Kidney malfunction causes puffy and swollen lower eyelids.

Treatment: Drink a lot of purified water and stay away from caffeine and alcohol.

Area: Cheeks

Correlation: Lungs, Digestive system

Explanation: Colorless cheeks patches indicate a slow metabolism and malabsorption or limited lung capacity.

Treatment: Breathing activities, cardio workouts and a lot of green tea and antioxidant foods.

Area: Nose

Correlation: Cardiovascular system

Explanation: Blood pressure issues.

Treatment: Consume heart-friendly foods such as fish, linseed/flaxseeds, nuts, avocado and tahini. Avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Area: Lower lip

Correlation: Digestive system

Explanation: Pale lips are a sign of anemia.

Treatment: Eat foods rich in iron, such as lean red meat, and green leafy vegetables, as well as probiotics.

Area: Tongue

Correlation: Lungs

Explanation: Excess toxins in your body.

Treatment: Cleanse your organism by consuming raw foods and organic juices. As for physical activities try out some breathing and cardio exercises.

Area: Chin

Correlation: Hormonal imbalance, stress

Explanation: Imbalanced hormones and stress result in chin blemishes.

Treatment: Stay away from face cleansing cosmetics whose toxins harm the endocrine system.

Instead try maca powder to regulate your hormones and relieve the stress.


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