The Lung-Cleansing Tonic That All Ex- Smokers Need To Try Right Now

Smoking is an incredibly harmful vice, which can inflict severe damage to our health by triggering all sorts of health problems. However, a lot of individuals can’t seem to stop doing it, and are thus victims to its negative consequences.

It has been found that over 16 million US citizens experience the serious illnesses caused by this suicidal habit, and for each person who died from smoking, a minimum of 30 individuals live with a certain type of smoking-induced disease.

The cigarette smoke causes unfixable damage to the lungs, which means that leaving them is the only chance you get if you wish to prevent sever complications and issues.

In addition to this, we recommend one extremely efficient natural solution, which is going to help you minimize the smoking effects and detox your lungs.

The main ingredients of this natural solution are turmeric, ginger, and onion. Ginger is going to help you get rid of the excess lung mucus, the onions will be able to prevent the development of cancer, thanks to its antioxidants and anti-cancer components, and turmeric which is packed with nutrients and vitamins which will help boost your immune system and recover your health.

These are the step towards preparing the solution:


  • 250g of onion
  • 2½ tbsp of turmeric
  • 1 ginger root
  • 1l of water
  • 350g of natural sweetener (honey, stevia, maple syrup, xylitol.)


Place the water on heat and pour in your sweetener of choice. Dice the ginger and onions and get them into the pot as well. Boil them for a while and add the turmeric. Lower the heat and let it cook until only half of the mixture is left. Strain it, and keep it stored in a glass jar inside the refrigerator.

The suggested dose of this solution is one tablespoon-twice per day, early morning and late in the night.

You will begin to notice the results immediately; you will be able to feel how your lungs are getting cleansed. You will be able to breath effortlessly and in an unobstructed manner. It is extremely favorable for ex-smokers, and future non-smokers.