Reading This Article Will Make You Use Aloe Vera Juice Every Single Day

Aloe Vera’s incredible benefits have been known and implemented for so many years now. Its powerful nutritional and medicinal properties have assured this herb a place in everyone’s home. It is abundant in vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, minerals and vitamins; you could might as well say it contains around 200 necessary substances.

Check out a few Aloe recipes and their versatility:

Aloe juice with water

The aloe vera water juice improves some bodily functions due to the amount of vitamin C it contains. On account of this miraculous juice you will be able to boost your immune systems. Prepare this wondrous home solution by only using the ingredients below:

1 stalk of Aloe Vera.

1 glass of purified water

1 tsp of honey.


Begin by rinsing the aloe vera leaf, remove its ends and crush it. Next dissolve the pulp in a glass of water. For optimal results, sweeten it with a little honey to get a better taste.

Aloe Vera to Hair Strengthening Treatments

Aloe vera juice has the ability to maintain the health of your scalp, thus improving the quality of the hair and its quicker growth.

Hair-mask ingredients:

1 aloe vera leaf
1 tsp of almond oil


Slice an aloe vera leaf in half and tritúrala the halves. Then, mix the pulp of the aloe vera with the almond oil and spread it all over your hair. To achieve the best results, put on a shower cap and leave the mixture on for almost a half an hour.  Then just rinse it off and wash it as you usually do.

Skin nourishment mask

Aloe vera goes great with our skin. It takes care of our skin, hydrates it, enhances it elasticity and prevents wrinkles.  It also gets rid of all types of pigmentation.

Skin lotion ingredients:

3 oz of aloe vera juice

3 tsp of purified water

5 tsp of alcohol

You should apply this this amazing lotion on your skin on a daily basis, both on your face and hair. We just need to wait for about 10 minutes, and after they have passed, you just have to wash it and put on a face cream.