Relieve Neck, Shoulder Stiffness And Upper Back Pain With These 15 Stretches

Experiencing agony in the neck, shoulder and upper back area is a sensation that no one wishes to come across.

Nevertheless, being stuck in front of a desk all day, spending most of our time behind the wheel, or the position in which we sleep causes several different types of pain.

Usually, we tend to turn to ibuprofen when it comes to soothing the pain. But, these pills are only temporarily helpful. Thus, you ought to try to treat the pain in the neck and shoulders in a natural manner.

Stiff Neck and Tight Shoulders Risk Factor

The cause of neck stiffness can be weak neck muscles. Generally, its symptoms are soreness and inability to move the neck, especially if you attempt to turn your head sideways.

Stiff neck causes:

Improper posture


A lot of stress

Sports impairments

Cervical spine issues

Excessively turning the head from one side to the other

Abnormal neck position

Muscle sprain or strain

Sleeping with the neck positioned uncomfortably

However, don’t stress since we have the best stretches and work-outs which are bound to rid you of your neck, shoulder and upper back pain.

  1. Chin Tucks

This work-out can make your neck more flexible. It can soothe the spinal nerve pressure and cure headaches prompted on behalf of tightened sub-occipital muscles.


Sitting up straight is the first and most important thing. Pressing the shoulder blades together and putting the index finger on the center of the chin. Look before you and press in the opposite direction.

Your chin ought to be tucked, making certain to push it backward towards your spine. The moment you begin to experience a painless stretch you should quit. Keep it like that for 15-20 secs and repeat it three times.

  1. Cow-Face Pose

This work-out will relieve the tension in your shoulders and enables you to get your muscles completely relaxed.


Get down on all fours. Place the right knee over the other. Try to sit down in between your legs, making certain your buttocks are touching the ground. Take a deep breath, and stretch out your right arm to the side. Direct the arm towards the inside so the thumb will be pointed to the ground. Breathe out and bring your arm towards the back.

Try to bring the elbow close to the neck. Move the right shoulder downwards and backwards. Inhale and stretch the left arm forward, with the palms faced up. Move your arm in the direction f the ceiling.

Exhale and try to get a grip on the finger of your other hand. Stay for 20-30 secs in this position and then do it all over again but from the opposite side. Do this exercise 3 times for each arm.

  1. Cross-Body Arm Stretch

This exercise will relax and treat the pain as well as make it more flexible.


For starters, stand with your feet spread as the width of your shoulders. Next, place one of your arms across the torso at chest-level. Keep that arm fixated by the pressure of the opposite arm and stretch it. Do this for 10 secs and then repeat it but vice versa. 5-10 repetitions are sufficient enough.

  1. Straight Arm Wall Stretch

This exercise will successfully stretch the frontal shoulder muscles as well as fixing your posture, along with lessening the shoulder and neck strain.


Step one is to keep your arm flat against a wall, making certain the palm is touching the wall and the arm is in the same line with the floor.

Press your shoulder firmly onto the wall and then slowly begin to distance your chest from the wall. The shoulders and arm ought to be perpendicular. Remain in this position for 30-60 seconds then do this on the opposite side.

  1. Thread The Needle

This pose will assure you some back, neck or shoulder pain and stiffness.


Start off by getting down on your hands and knees. Place your right arm in between the left knee and left arm. Slide it towards the left so that the right shoulder and side of the face will lie on the floor.

Inhale and lift up your left hand reaching to the ceiling. Discover what your deepest stretch is, remain in that position and reach through your fingers. Stay like this as long as you can. Do the same on the opposite side. Do each side three times.

  1. Reverse Prayer Pose

Start off standing up or seated down. As you exhale, take the arms behind your back, making sure your fingers are directed towards the ground.


Inhale and rotate the arms, thus pointing your fingers towards yourself and then upwards. Exhale and dab your pinkies into the back at the same time joining the palms. Repeat the exercise 3-4 times.

  1. Side Neck Stretch

This stretch is amazing for the sides of your neck.


Start by relaxing your shoulders. Tilt your head right. Remain like this for 20-30 secs and repeat it 3 times for each side.

  1. Cat And Cow Pose

Place your knees and hands on the floor, with your palms beneath the shoulders and knees under your hips. Breathe in and as you arch your back up such as a cat stretching.


Give your head and tailbone a chance to drop down towards the ground. Return back to the starting position. Stretch the upper part of the spine upwards, making certain you hold it with your stomach muscles.

Be that as it may, don’t give your neck a chance to sink into the shoulders, or your shoulders mash up into the neck. Try not to give the head a chance to fall back and ensure your neck is a long spine extension. Do  it 5 times.

  1. Stretch For Tight Painful Trapezius Muscles

This activity assists you with manipulating the cerebrum into soothing the trapezius muscles.


Stand up straight, (pick whatever side is painful) and lift the right shoulder bone upwards. Move it in reverse and lean your head back.

At that point, take the right ear and lean on the right shoulder. Do this a couple of times each day.

  1. Double Anterior Shoulder Stretch

Start by standing up. Catch the hands behind your lower back. Keep your arms stretched and raise them behind you until the point that you feel an extend over the chest and through the front of every shoulder. Stay like this for half a minute.


In the event that you can, flip your hands so the palms are facing outward. This asks for a considerable measure of flexibility however it will give you a more profound extend. Try not to twist forward. Additionally, make a point not to overdo the stretch. Do it 3 times at least.

  1. Neck Ball Squeeze and Roll

This stretch relaxes tight neck and upper back muscles. To learn how to do this activity, see the video at 2:00.


  1. Chest Foam Rolling

You ought to lie on your abdomen parallel adjacent or parallel to the foam roller.


Having your palm faced downwards, endeavor to stretch out your arm towards the side. Put the foam roller beneath the armpit and shoulder and steadily roll outward. Remain for 30 seconds in the most painful position.

  1. Doorway Stretch

This astonishing stretch will open up the chest to prohibit slouching, which will therefore counteract neck and shoulder strain.


You should remain inside an entryway with the right arm bowed at 90-degree edge. The lower arms ought to be put against the frame of the door. Place the bowed elbow at the height of your shoulders.

Another option is to hold onto the door frame, turn your chest to one side and do this until the point that you feel an extend in the front shoulder and chest. Hold for 20 seconds at that point do the same with the opposite arm.

  1. Cervical Rotation

Begin sitting in an upright position. Your back ought to be straight. Try to see as far as you are able to over one shoulder. Hold for 2-3 seconds at that point and go back to the first position. Do the same with the opposite side.

  1. Upper Trapezius Release Exercise

To wrap things up, this activity will avert extreme contracture and spasms and cure muscle weakness.


You should put your arms sideways. Direct your palms forwards and move your shoulders up to your ears.

Hold for 3-4 secs and repeat it 10-12 times.