Signs And Symptoms That Indicate Lung Problems

Our lungs are an essential part of our immune system and they are extremely crucial for our overall health. Thanks to them we are able to breathe and supply our entire body with oxygen.

But we tend to take the health of our lungs for granted, thus we expose them to harm in so many ways. Smoking, for instance, pollution, air fresheners and many other substances lead to the creation of obstructive chronic pulmonary diseases. Those who smoke and even past-smokers are in danger of a variety of lung conditions, and also the increased air pollution is not sparing our lungs at all.

In order to maintain the health of our lungs we have to keep track of all signs and symptoms that point out to potential lung diseases. If the problem is detected early, your chances for treatment and overcoming the disease grow higher, preventing the creation of lung cancer.

These Symptoms Indicate Potential Lung Issues:

Chronic cough

If it appears like that stubborn cough isn’t going away, anytime soon, don’t dwell on going to the doctor. This continuous coughing is a clear and alarming sign that something truly bad is going on inside your lungs. This needs some serious medical attention.

Breathing Difficulty

If you constantly have trouble catching your breath and your breathing doesn’t go as smoothly as before, it might be because of lung blockages or even cancer. You have to quit smoking right away, practice slow and deep breathing exercises and exercise physically as well in order to boost your lung function.

Increased mucus

If the mucus amount within the lungs has increased, then this is a signal which shows that something isn’t right. If you notice changes in your lung mucus like for instance its color or if you also notice a few drops of blood inside, then you must go to your doctor at once!

Persistent wheezing

The wheezing sound that comes from your own lungs may point to the presence asthma or emphysema. Both of these conditions are pretty serious, so you should definitely visit your doctor.

Swollen feet and legs

The swelling of the lower extremities often comes from lung problems. When this occurs, it is a sign that the lungs do not operate properly, and due to this fact, the circulatory system is unable to get the needed amounts of oxygen, which can result in the still liquid in the cells.

Morning headaches

If you wake up feeling dizzy and struck by a headache, then it may come as a result of a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This can increase the CO2 in the cells which causes those discomforting headaches.


Fatigue is one of the most frequently ignored symptoms of lung issues. If the lungs fail to function properly, your internal organs will be unable to receive oxygen, which is why you feel tired all the time.

Trouble Sleeping

If you are suffering from insomnia or constantly disrupted sleep, the cause of this might be some issues with your lungs.


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