Stretch The Pain Away with These 20+ Painkiller Exercises

If you wish to increase your body’s alertness and vitality, as well as relieve the pain caused by injuries or whatever other reason, well stretching is the way to do it.

It is extremely vital to stretch appropriately for the purpose of avoiding injuries and getting rid of pain. Check out these exercises which are going to help you strengthen and firm your body:

Head Area:

Lateral side neck flexion

Stretching the “SCM”- Sternocleidomastoid by sitting on the chair, and holding onto the bottom of its seat.

Flex your neck’s lateral side with the help of your hands (image 7)

Take a sit and intertwine your fingers beneath the seat to stretch even more.

Stretching of the neck (image 9)

This exercise must be performed carefully in order to prevent potential cervical spine collapse.

Stretching of the neck through rotation (image 8)

To achieve an even more extensive stretch, use the other hand to inflict more pressure.

Upper Body

Stretching of the lateral shoulder (image 13)

The focal point of this stretch is the side deltoid.

Stretching of the forearm

To optimize the stretch, join your fingertips forming the shape of a teacup.

Neck stretch standing up(Image 14)

The main purpose of this stretch is to put pressure on the trapezius muscle.

Wall lat stretch (image 16)

By lat we mean the Latissimus dorsi, however avoid doing it if you happen to be suffering from lower back pain.

Spinal traction lat stretch (image 15)

Beneficial latissimus dorsi stretch (should be avoided in case of shoulder pain or impairment)

Child’s pose

It benefits the Latissimus dorsi.

Dowel Lateral flexion (Image 27)

It stretches the external obliques and latissimus dorsi, but avoid doing it if you suffer from lower back pain.

Triangle pose (Image 28)

Follow your hand with your eyes in the air while it rotates. It extends the external obliques.

Wall based chest stretch (Image 29)

It focuses on the pectorals.

Supported chest stretch (Image 30)

You will manage to extend the pectorals whit this stretch.

Down dog wall variation

Keep your knees bent in case of tight hamstrings, and by doing this, you will extend the pectorals and latissimus dorsi.

Stretching the upper back standing up.

Remain in the position for 15 seconds to stretch the teres major, rhomboids, and upper traps

Lower Body

Broad fold forwards (Image 2)

It stretches the abductors.

Camel Pose (Image 1)

If experiencing pain in the neck, be careful not to drop your head back. This should help you stretch the Rectus abdominous and outside obliques.

Frog Position (Image 3)

To achieve a more extensive stretch, move your hips back and forth. This should stretch out the abductors.

Broad side lunge position (Image 4)

This work-out ought to stretch the abductors.

Calf stretch standing up(18)

Ease the stretch by lightly moving the ankles. You will be able to finally stretch the soleus and gastrocnemius (lower body).

Deep squat (22)

If you find it easier, do it by placing your feet up the wall. This exercise has the power to stretch the glutes.

Single leg forward bend (21)

It is amazing for stretching out the hamstrings.

Half king pigeon position sitting down (23)

This is beneficial for stretching the glutes.

Wall stretched calf stretch (24)

This is an extraordinary Soleus and gastrocnemius stretching exercise (low).

Give these beneficial stretches a try, and find out how strong and healthy your body can be!