These Are The Best DIY High Blood Pressure Natural Solutions

Grape sugar, otherwise known as glucose is a vital energy material mainly for muscle tissues, however for the heart muscles as well. Thus, everyone with a weak heart muscle is suggested to implement honey as a dietary nutrient. However, it ought not to be consumed in excessive quantities, alone or in warm teas due to the fact that it is going to cause sweating and speed up the heart function. This additional burden is harmful for the weak heart; in that case it should be consumed in tiny quantities (a spoonful a couple of times a day) accompanied with milk, small cheeses, fruits and other types of nutritious products.

This is how to naturally reduce elevated blood pressure

  1. In traditional medicine, honey is combined with veggie juice. You need a glass of beet juice, one glass carrot juice, one glass horseradish juice (the horseradish ought to be previously soaked into water for a day and a half), one glass lemon and one glass honey. Combine everything altogether. Consume a tbsp. a couple of times per day, one on an empty stomach and the other 2-3 hours after meals. This mixture ought to be consumed for two months.
  2. Mix one glass of carrot juice, one glass horseradish juice (the horseradish ought to soak into water 24-65 hours), add lemon juice and one glass of honey. Consume a tbsp. three times per day, an hour before meals or two hours after eating.
  3. Dice the beets, strain the juice, and combine everything with honey. Consume ½ cup 3-4 times per day before eating each meal.
  4. A tablespoon of meadow clover flower should be sprinkled with a glass of hot water and left to soak for a half an hour. Strain the mixture and add the honey. Consume 1/2 a cup three times per day.
  5. Mix hawthorn fruits and flowers, white mistletoe grass and powdered garlic (equal amounts of all the ingredients). Sprinkle a tbsp. of the mixture with a glass of heated water, leave it soak for 6-9 hours, strain the mixture and include some honey. Consume 1/4 cup, 4 times per day before consuming. Make a dose sufficient for one whole day.

The above-listed formulas are simply a supplement and a solution for treating increased blood pressure. As we mentioned before, honey is a vital and nutritious product, thus it is beneficial not only for the sick, but for healthy people as well, children particularly.

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