This Shake Cleanses Your Colon, Melts Your Belly And Eliminates All Of The Body Fat

Throughout today’s article we are going to introduce you to a smoothie prepared with only one special fruit. This shake is going to help you tremendously to solve huge issues, aside from it being tasty and very affordable; you can find this fruit pretty much everywhere, grocery stores and markets.

The fruit in question is the papaya, the name varies based on the country you live in. This fruit is green outside, orange on the inside with black seeds and has a sweet taste.

This fruit is quite versatile; it doesn’t only have medicinal benefits. However, that is what we will be focusing on throughout this article in which we will discuss options for using this fruit to detox your body and get rid of those stored toxins.

The papaya milkshake is going to drastically improve your overall health by cleansing your body.

This shake will detox your colon and help you lose weight in merely 7 days. It also does a great job preventing and treating constipation. It is going to help you stay hydrated as well.

Check out to this easy and masterful formula:

Ingredients and equipment:

– Three quarters of a cup filled with previously minced papaya.
– Half a cup filled with almond milk.
– Half a cup full of oatmeal (best as flakes).
– A quarter of a tbsp. of cinnamon powder.
– A blender.

Instructions and dosage for the cleansing shake:

Put the papaya inside the blender and blend it along with the almond milk. When the mixture is homogenous, add in the oats and cinnamon and blend it once more until you get a smooth and even texture. It is best for it to be served with ice and eaten right away. With the help of this milkshake you will feel good inside your skin and healthier than ever. Do yourself a favor, try it!